I'm a huge coffee table book fan. I love entering people's homes or offices to find a carefully curated selection of books that allow me to catch a glimpse into what they find most beautiful, interesting or bizarre. That said, you'd definitely see Guido Mocafinco's Serpens, on mine.

The images are outstanding. I know most people are squeamish when it comes to snakes- but you can't help but be amazed by their beauty when you flip through. Mocafinco's photography is so detailed and refined; you can feel the texture and weight of each frame while you are mesmerized by the organic twists and turns within. And the rich, saturated colors and patterns only add to satisfy one's palate; nature is such an amazing and fascinating thing. These photos are strikingly beautiful- I had to share.

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Voodoo Queens

My lovely friend Nina sent me a link these wonderful photo/drawings by Nina Chakrabarti. They are from a series of "interventionist doodles" entitled Voodoo Queens. I find them radically haunting; the perfect mix of bizarre and beautiful.

They might just be the perfect inspiration for a collection, but for now- i just want to share their magic.

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I'll take one, please

ugh, if only i could work for them...!

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i cant get it out of my mind

i'm officially obsessed with this song

also- i will be posting my thoughts on the shows from the past week- once i can get them all together!



Rodarte F/W 2009 RTW
I can not express how much I love Rodarte and the creative genius of the Mulleavy sisters. These two embody everything I had ever dreamed of being when I would sit and imagine my life as a fashion designer. Their approach is refreshing; having both been trained outside of the fashion world, their work truly reflects the passion and commitment they have to creating beautiful garments. They ooze with a level of sophistication and respect that I find lacking in many other labels. These are not just garments, they are each beautiful works of art, boldly championing the craft of fashion and the power of ones imagination.

Rodarte S/S 2009 RTW

Now that I've finished gushing, you can imagine my initial excitement when the duo announced they will be collaborating with Target to create a Go International line for the mega chain this upcoming December. The idea that the Mulleavy's will attempt to translate their unique pieces into palatable, mass market goods is at once amazing and bittersweet. While I am already salivating at the idea that I could potentially afford to own one of their pieces, I am nervous that a mass market interpretation of their work would get lost in translation. As I mentioned before, Rodarte is all about craft- their pieces are impeccably detailed and thoughtful, an inherent quality due to the fact that they are all hand crafted by the two sisters themselves. Now call me old fashioned- but there is something so genuinely beautiful about that- garments that welcome a hand touch, created by the same people who dreamed them up, as opposed to a factory somewhere far off. Obviously- the Target line, which will retail from $9.99 to $79.99, will probably be produced overseas... so I can only hope that their vision and aesthetic will not be compromised.

Only time will tell.

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Alexander McQueen

sometimes i wish my mind worked like his. it's just that simple.


in the daze of supermodels...

 while doing some research for my impending market report due tomorrow, i stumbled upon an old favorite of mine- yasmeen ghauri. she was one of the top supermodels back in the day- and I couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic for a time when models looked a little more realistic. Yeah, they were still beautiful and tall, and they still maintained the fantasy that is fashion, but they had curves and ambitions and personality- qualities i find are seriously lacking (minus a select few) in this new age of fashion. 

she's also a unique case because she happens to be a women of color- who made it in the industry, despite all the social constraints around her at the time. it just gives me more hope for some of these new, fresh faces we've been seeing.