good clean fun

Have you ever written your name or drawn a smiley face on the surface of a dirty car? Or maybe a naughty lymeric on the side of a truck? If your answer was yes then you, my friend, should consider a career as a reverse graffiti artist. It’s legal, there’s lots of money to be made, and you can still get street cred.

Reverse graffiti, or "clean tagging", is the process of removing dirt from a surface leaving behind non-traditional, paintless, graffiti. This "new" trend is being used in advertising campaigns for companies like Microsoft and Smirnoff- you know, corporate empires looking to give themselves eco-friendly makeovers. But more importantly, reverse graffiti is being used to beautify cities across the globe and raise awareness about the fragile state of mother earth.

also, it's just plain dope.

If you want to know more about reverse graffiti be sure to check out The Reverse Graffiti Project in San Fransisco. Director, Doug Pray made a documentary about British artist, Paul Curtis (also known as Moose) and the 140 ft. installation that Curtis created in San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel. The mural was a promotional project for Green Works, an environmentally friendly line of cleaning supplies made primarily from plants.

images courtesy of treehugger, inhabitat, and reverse graffiti project


tala said...

i LOVE reverse graffiti, i had heard about it a while ago and i think its really awesome- i especially like the work of the dude who does his art on dusty cars- it's so amazing!