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Personal style is all about making a statement, and that's exactly what Alicia Estrada had in mind when she started sewing her own, vintage inspired clothing a little over 10 years ago. Estrada's passion for the days of old, or more specifically, for the quintessential glamor and sex appeal of the clothing of the 1940s and 1950s, served as the inspiration for her clothing company, Stop Staring!, which she founded back in 1997.

The company's name, birthed from Estrada's frustration at the unwanted attention brought about by her clothes, was very literally manifested; she started writing the phrase across her rear! Although those days are long over, especially since vintage chic has entered our lives, Stop Staring! provides retro heads like moi the ability to avoid the frustration that inevitably comes along with a day long thrift shop excursion, while still having some money to spare.

Estrada's collections, which mostly feature dresses, allows the real women (i.e. non-sample size) to actually enjoy the feel of vintage designs. Her clothing is fun, sexy and glamorous, giving a unique twist to classic looks.

The L.A. based company has been featured in a plethora of magazines and also boasts the title of "Minority Manufacturing Firm of the Year," which it was awarded in 2005. Additionally, like our friends over at American Apparel, all of their clothing is made in the U.S.A, a fact that is quite rare nowadays.


Jillian said...

ooo I've seen this in Lucky a few times, nice.