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Although I was barely lucid in the '80s, I have a deep love for the decade. And you can't get more '80s than Katherine Hamnett t-shirts.

"Remember" the "Choose Life" campaign? Hamnett is almost single handedly responsible for making protest t-shirts a fashion staple- celebrities everywhere rocked her gear along with peace signs and a list of facts about their latest pet-causes. The open ended slogan, which has roots in Buddhism, was appropriated for a sea of different campaigns but Hamnett's intention was simply to get people to think about the ways in which they could "choose life" over the many negative forces in their lives such as war or environmental pollution.

The '80s have come and gone but Hamnett is back in full force and ready to bring her designs into this new era. With celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, and Bloc Party spotted in her gear she's quickly gaining lots of press.

It sure doesn't hurt that she's got Kesh! (designer for everyone from Mariah to Lupe-party girl/scencter-stylist for M.I.A and A-Trak) as one of her lead models which will help to turn Hamnett into a hipster staple once again. Plus! Two days ago, Kanye West just did a shout-out to Kesh on his infamous blog- so that's sure to help both Kesh and Hamnett gain some attention.

Double Plus!! Nylon recently reported that Hamnett will soon be releasing a line of organic colored jeans made without the use of synthetic chemicals. If they're anything like the ones Hamnett produced in the '90s they're sure to be hot.

For more information on Hamnett or to buy some of her gear, visit her website. For info on Kesh, you can visit her blog or myspace.


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Farren said...

alk;smav!! i just vowed to save up some money. i've been buying too many things. but, that no more fashion victims shirt is calling t ome! =/ i want it!