name to know: Rad Hourani

Left: The designer looking like a young Lagerfield, Right: Hourani in a self-styled shot

Fashion forward and gender neutral, these are the key elements that make Rad Hourani a name to look out for. The young, Montreal based stylist-turned-designer is making his fair share of waves throughout the industry- defying gendered notions of fashion with his highly geometric and androgynous aesthetic.

some sketches for Hourani's a/w 2008 line

Hourani's first line debuted not so long ago, during Paris Fashion Week and since then, he has definitely begun to make his mark, even landing a spot on's Top 10 to watch. Hourani's vision is simple- minimalist, seasonless clothing. His color palette consists mainly of black, with an occasional pop of color, which is often supported by rich textures and textiles such as leathers and knits. The stark angularity and symmetry present in his designs are very different from mainstream aesthetics; the clothes are purposefully sex-less and meant to be accessible to all. As Hourani himself explains, "I don't believe in boundaries of technique, of seasons, of gender, or of anything else," and his clothes definitely tout his beloved beliefs through and through.

video of Hourani's second collection, held in New York

Although a bit on the pricey side, I admire Hourani and his designs for what they attempt to do. Hourani is not only pushing boundaries within the fashion industry, but, in effect asking us to re-evaluate social and gender norms. I really believe we could see big things come from this young radical thinker- I just hope more people catch on and support his cause.

Take a look at his super-cool website here.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous collection and Amazing vision = Rad Hourani

Yadira said...

doode, those lips!

spank bank.