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A long time ago, when my mother was starting to teach me about fashion, one of the first designers that she talked up was Diane Von Furstenberg. My mother patiently explained the importance of dressing for your body type and finding clothes that flatter you without compromising style. Years later, I still think no one does it quite as well or as realistically as Diane Von Furstenberg. Here are the reasons why I love her 2009 resort collection:

1. The hourglass. Whether curves are in your genetic make-up or not, Diane Von Furstenberg will cinch your waist and accentuate your hips in the most flattering of ways. A belted trench with a narrow waist is a quick way to add curve to any outfit.

2. Black on brown. You don't have to go to extremes to create contrast. Pairing brown accents and accessories with black clothing is a subtle and sophisticated way of making a monochromatic outfit more interesting. It's also a good way of breaking up an otherwise overwhelming pattern.

3. Anyone can wear ruffles. These two dresses are good examples of how to use ruffles to accentuate different body types. The tiered ruffles on the left dress fill the body out from top to bottom and is perfect for those who are looking for more volume. The dress on the right features a much more subtle ruffle detail that curves along the bodice of the dress and flares out slightly at the hips - this results in the eyes moving inward and has a thinning effect.

4. Signature prints. Diane Von Furstenburg has never been afraid of prints and doesn't mind making a head to toe look but she knows that the cut of the dress and the print must work together in order to flatter the body. The patterns on the tunic dress are strategically placed and make the model look long and fill out her bottom half as well. The black dress might hug the body more snugly than the white one but the sheer details at the top draw your eyes upward and highlight the model's neck and chest without being too revealing.

Photos of Diane Von Furstenburg's 2009 Resort Collection courtesy of Style.


Vintage Vinyl said...

Oooh resort collections always make me happy. So beautiful!

coco said...

As a woman in fashion I think Diane Von Furstenberg is a great inspiration. I love her!

Tay said...

Great post
Black and brown are two colors that a lot of people are afraid to pair together....but it really isnt that hard. Here it is done beautifully--esp the black & white

Kira Fashion said...

great belts and trenchs!!!

a kiss!