et tu, JTimberlake?

In case you don't get the weekly N'sync newsletter anymore, I'd like to remind you that my boo- JTimberlake and his bff Trace Ayala have their own clothing line called William Rast. We couldn't be more over the celeb-designer trend but I have to admit, I'm intrigued by their marketing strategy. Although JT was hesitant to make himself the face of the company, considering the products they've produced thus far, I think Justin's pretty mug is just about all they have going for them.

Photo of Trace Ayala and Justin Timberlake courtesy of InStyle

JT and Trace have a lot in common with Lauren Conrad- they've managed to produce a whole line overpriced and underinspired clothing. This pair of denim jeans, which you could easily cop from Levi's, would set you back $220 if you wanted the William Rast label sewn on the inside. As someone who spent an exorbitant amount of money on her teenybopper phase, I could kind of imagine some girl-ladies running out and buying these clothes just so that they could have a little piece of Justin but are dudes really going to rush out to buy them jeans?

Yes. Probably. Most Likely. If you're in the market for $200 jeans, you want to buy the $200 jeans that are endorsed by an international sex symbol, don't you? Sure. And in case you were wondering about JT's relevance (it's been a minute since we had a new single or a collabo with Timberland), he's been peddling his good looks to any fashion mag that's interested and is the face of Givenchy's new fragrance. Oh, and he's slated to host the Oscar's next year. So you see, he's still hot.

And if that wasn't enough, JT and Trace have promised us a series of dramatic William Rast webisodes. These short movies will chronicle the rebellious William Rast and his gal pal Birdie (played by Erin Wasson) as they don William Rast duds and run from the law. And make-out. You might remember hearing about Erin being injured while working- yeah, well, apparently these videos are going be super intense and in case you didn't catch the drift, JTimberlake was "cast" in the role of William Rast. I can picture rich Duuudes everywhere, "secretly" watching the videos on youtube and developing some disturbing Bonnie and Clyde fantasy that can only be satisfied by rushing out and buying those $200 jeans.

If Justin and Trace want to capitalize on JT's revitalized celebrity status, they need to act fast and release these webisodes. NYMag is reporting that Lydia Hearst is starring in a film for Bebe that sounds suspiciously like the William Rast videos which sound suspiciously like a thousand other stories. All I know is, I was promised these videos weeks ago and they have yet to deliver and until I'm absolutely wowed by JT's acting skills, I'll be keeping my $200.

P.S. Justin, honey, if you're reading this- please stop the squinting thing you've been doing in all your recent photographs. It's not that cute and it makes you look a little constipated. NSYNC 4 LYFE!

I forgot to mention that JT is also building an eco-friendly golf course in Memphis. So he's got the southern country club set on lock too.


Anonymous said...

lol, you're really funny!

Anonymous said...

oh my god, he is still hot and will always be. i have the nsync christmas album. two copies. and i'm jewish. (this probably gave me away to a lot of people).

anyway, did you see the AMAZING job he did hosting the ESPYs? Look up "I love Sports." PHE-NOM-EN-AL

Jillian said...

I just watched it on youtube and it was incredible! Good looking out!

Anonymous said...

hahaa, oh man, JT