i have a dream

I could stare at these photos from Lyell's fall campaign for hours - no exaggeration. I find myself getting lost in the world that's been created here. The clothes are beautiful in their own right- effortlessly pretty in that slouchy cool girl way- but it's the staging of the shoot that captures my fancy this time. Perhaps it's the jewel tones or maybe the over saturation of the decor - either way, I'm hooked. They've sold me on their lifestyle and I feel like I'd do just about anything to be the girl in this shoot. Daymn. Give the art director a raise and me an apartment just like this one.

absolute swoon.


Danz said...

Such beautiful, bewitching photos. All the colours, textures and shapes are a feast for the eyes!

Farren said...

The clothes are nice. But, the apartment is even better! I love apartments/rooms like that. Where you can stay in the place for days on end and still find something new to look at every day. =) I want that apartment!

Ariel said...

Totally agree. The shoot is gorgeous. I think that so much color on the wall might drive me crazy after a while unless I only had it in one room. Maybe I'm wrong. I love it so much I think I might try it out.