Make It Work! Puhlease!

There is no justice!

Okay, I'm being dramatic but this is incredibly disappointing news. The opening of Topshop's NYC store has been pushed back to March of 2009. WHAT?!? Its original opening date was October. Then, last week we heard it was being pushed back to November and we accepted that news. But March? Come now, this is getting a little ridiculous.

Realizing this delay makes the giant Topshop billboard over the (purported) store a dreadful tease, Sir Philip wants to deliver something to American fans. So Opening Ceremony might carry some Topshop products and Topshop might hold a contest on its Website to win shopping trips to the London store.

Green says, "America is a new territory for us and we have to get it exactly right. This store can’t be a nine out of 10 when it opens; it has to be a 10 out of 10." That's great, but being New Yorkers, we're impatient by nature, so we think we'll go down to the permit office and start whip cracking.

Until then.

Source: NY MAG


Sharon said...

Girl, at least you'll have a Topshop! I'm in Toronto, and we all know we won't be seeing one for another 2 years LOL.

Okay, don't comment on that haha

Anyway, TOPSHOP is a bit overpriced BUT their clothing and accessories are SOOOO worth it. I still have a bag that I picked up a couple of years ago when I was in Europe and it is still in great condition. Paid about 35 pounds (roughly $70+) for it?