into the future

if i had a bunch of little munchkins running around (and an extra deep pocket) i would probably be dressing them in these spiffy outfits.

i can't decide if the clothes or the children modeling them are cuter- but the overall adorable factor is a little bit too much to handle..

on to a more realistic note, what's good with j.crew?

aside from their fantastically fun crewcuts line, it seems this traditionally preppy brand has had a serious make-over recently, transforming it from a run-of-the-mill khakis and polos paradise into a place that is actually vying for my limited dollar$$. i've been shocked by how many cute things i've seen in the constant flow of catalogues that arrive in the mail at my house (how can they afford to send so many, btw?). the company's new philosophy is one of "necessary luxury," bringing stylish, "european" inspired looks to a broader american audience. the result is definitely one you can drool over; the rich, dreamy textures (generally italian cashmeres, tweeds and fine knits) and the bold, vibrant colors (with names such as electric mustard and persimmon) bring a fresher, edgier look to the previously humdrum line. These upgrades come at a price, however. With their new step towards bolder, trendier clothing (which, as a result, moves them out of the Gap league of chain retail stores), J.Crew has embarked on a new era of pricing- one that is not always easy on the eyes. For those of you concerned/smart shoppers out there, I recommend saving up to buy key pieces from the new line- they have great coats and blazers which are definitely worth the extra cash- you'll be getting high quality clothes that are sure to last. Another area where you can easily condone a little extra spending is for their new accessories line, which boasts great jewelry and shoes. The pieces are fun, youthful and unique and will easily dress up any outfit without being too stuffy.
French serge day coatFleur suede flats
Jet star pin
Handknit shawl-collar cable vest

Berry-trim Astrid jacket
Cashmere Butterfield jacket