dance yourself green

As the world is propelling itself into its new and much needed green mantra, we are being bombarded with interesting and clever ways to be eco-friendly, making sustainability our new best friend. While, I'm sure, many of us have read about different ways to go green, spanning from supporting organic farming to solar powered homes to cars that run on vegetable oil, the green revolution is running full throttle, and frankly, i'm just trying to catch up. However, a new experiment out in London has me thinking, maybe there's some hope for me. For all my fellow dance-a-holics out there, Dr. Earth has come to the rescue. This "doctor," founder of the organization Club4Climate , has managed to harness the power of dance for the betterment of the environment. The organization's mission statement goes as follows,

Dr. Earth wants you to be environmentally aware, but he sees no reason why
environmental awareness and hedonism shouldn't go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive. With the profits from the music, the nights and the destination going to Friends of the Earth, all you really have to do is dance to save the world.

Call me crazy, but this has me intrigued. Apparently, the club floor functions as some sort of energy sponge, equipped with springs and power generating crystal blocks that absorb the energy your dancing feet impart on the floor. This energy is then pooled into nearby batteries (therefore charging and recharging them) which provide the power for the entire club. Crazy, right? Club4Climate claims this dance energy can produce up to 60% (!) of the energy needed to fuel your night out. Additionally, entrance is free if you can prove you got there in an eco-friendly way (i.e. walking, biking, public transportation). So get those dancing shoes on, it's good for the environment!

For more information on the logistics of the club floor, check out this article.