aladdian goes corporate

No one can predict the future quite like major fashion houses; but the pictures from Milan's fashion week have left me full of doubts. Where on earth is fashion headed? This look from Prada for example- I'm not even sure what material those clothes are made out of!

It's not just Prada, like I first had suspected, Armani clearly had the same vision. It's almost as though these designers have taken preppy classics, like the belted trench coat, and readied them for the eminent apocalypse. The material? Recycled rubber, perhaps? For the future is a time where natural fibers are scarce and one must always be ready for flash flooding. But more seriously, I'm not sure what the storyline of these collections is supposed to be. Are we all in the Matrix or do we all have jobs as bland investment bankers? Both?

Alternately, other heavy hitting labels, like Gucci, envision a future where the word hipster has lost all of it's meaning(s). Corporate lawyers and djs will be swapping vests and Hammer pants. Disney's Aladdin was more than a hero- he was a muse.

With all the confusing images being thrown our way, I would say now is the perfect opportunity to just say "FUCK TRENDS" and wear whatever it is that makes you feel confident.

I reserve my right to change my mind about these designs as they trickle down into the main stream and I suppose rubber clothes are stain resistant...

Images from top to bottom: Prada, Armani, Gucci, McQueen, Gucci, McQueen.

All photos courtesy of NY Times.