mix it up!

I love Imeem just as much as the next kid but sometimes it's good to change things up. Muxtape is a great alternative; this free site, which launched back in March, allows you to upload music and create a playlist that can be sent to friends and lovers. You get your own personal link- for example:

What's great about Muxtape is that you have to be a lot more thoughtful about the mixes you're creating. When I make a playlist on Imeem, I find myself adding anything and everything and relying upon the shuffle feature to do the rest. Muxtape is a website that demand your full attention and doesn't try to distract you with an overwhelming amount of social netwokring features.

Created by Justin Ouellette, a New York photographer/web designer, the site is gaining popularity and was mentioned in magazines like NYLON and Wired. Of his creation, Ouellette says, "the hypothesis behind Muxtape is that when curators are limited to a certain number of songs [12 songs] the overall listening experience will be much better".

To get started on your own mix hit up Muxtape.
If you're feeling generous send your creations our way!

First photo courtesy of Muxtape, second photo by Steven Meisel courtesy of Coco Rocha.


Anonymous said...

Muxtape is nice on those rare occasions that imeem fails, because imeem is all legal and has deals with labels now the only place you can hear tracks by the Beatles and other blocked bands are illegal sites like muxtape.

Jillian said...

Intellectual property, complex indeed. There's a good article about the legal issues here: