HB, a long lost friend

I just recently reawakened my love affair with Henri Bendel, and oh, what a sultry love affair it is. I think I first fell in love with the historic New York department store when I was around 13. By then I had already decided that I was going to grow up to be a famous fashion designer- and Bendel's was the ideal place to showcase my talent. As I salivated over the beautiful displays and the even more beautiful items showcased throughout the store, I dreamed of stardom- the type of stardom only Bendel's could offer me. The department store's unique tradition of the "open see" danced around in my naïve little head and I hoped they would launch my career, as they had done for Todd Oldham and Anna Sui before me.

Bendel's age-old commitment to finding the best of the new and fresh talent in the city still renders it an important powerhouse in the world of fashion today. As I walked through the grandiose halls of the classic townhouse on 5th, surrounded by eye-catching, vibrant clothing, I couldn't help but feel happy. There's just something magical about that place; I suddenly felt the naïve young dreamer inside me spring to life, sending a tingling sensation over my body. I found myself finally excited about clothes again, despite the fact that I knew my (non existent) paycheck was not going to be allowing me any impromptu indulgences. I whole-heartedly suggest taking a trip to Bendel's soon, especially if you've never been. There's a whole world to discover, and believe me, the clothes and accessories will definitely give you some motivation to get that paper!

Here's a taste of some goodies. but be careful, I wouldn't want to be the reason you maxed your credit card, although- I can't say I'm not tempted!

In time honored tradition, Henry Bendel Open Sees are still conducted twice a year- you can get more information by calling 212.904.7992