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A look from Backlund's current collection Last Breath Bruises

I would love to have a reason to be wearing one of Sandra Backlund's beautiful handcrafted creations. The Swedish designer's gift with knitwear is absolutely astounding and has that very special quality that makes my heart go pitter patter. Knitwear is so often overlooked in today's fashion industry; outside names like Missoni and Benetton it's very unusual to find a designer who takes the risk of designing a line around knits. All this neglect has taught us one thing, knits are boring, obviously. If designers fail to pay any attention to knits then they must not be worth paying attention to... right? Sandra Backlund's work answers with a resounding WRONG.

A look from Backlund's current collection Last Breath Bruises

Backlund's use of knitwear is both exciting and groundbreaking. Her work is beautifully sculpted- visions of the perfect fusions of volume, texture and silhouettes. Backlund herself looks as her work as art, a kind of sculpt-as-you-go oeuvre that allows her to both create the textile and the garment through one process.

A look from Backlund's current collection Last Breath Bruises

As a champion of the handicraft process, this devotée has spent much of her time dedicated to learning these invaluable skills and perfecting them. However, she never lost sight of her own unique flair. This dedication quickly paid off in the form of a little stint at Louis Vuitton last year (fall/winter 07/08), when the major fashion house approached her to design a knitwear line after seeing an example of her work in a magazine.

A look from Backlund's previous collections Blank Page and Perfect Hurts

In addition to this, the designer-artist was also one of the finalists (selected by Lacroix himself) at the very prestigious Festival d'Hyères in 2007 and has a series of pretty hefty awards under her belt. Backlund's very personal style and unique interpretation of the human body as well as knitwear have produced aesthetically marvelous results. Her work is full of vision; it is bold and to the point. However fantastical these couture creations may be, she still manages to make them palatable, a quality that I know will take her very far.

A look from Backlund's previous collection Diamond Cut Diamond

In short, I think I'm in love. I know I'll be pining after these for a while, not to mention fantasizing a dream story like Backlund's for myself.

Feel free to take a look at Backlund's other work on her website, it'll definitely be worth your while.


Jillian said...

These are ahhhhmazing! If I were thin and rich, I'd be all over that.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I really like!

Yadira said...

Holy crap. So, I just read your blog, and I love it! Especially this post, since it's soo close to heart. Also, there's a really talented girl out here in sac (I forget her name, but I think she goes by Atleir) who does amazing work with knits. I'll try to have a link soon.