electric heels

In my prep school days, I used to love wearing heels but after four years at a hilly college, I'm ashamed to admit that I only own one pair. Purple suede ankle boots. I'm not exactly sure what happened to my sizable collection of practical heels but I have a feeling they've been absorbed into my mother's closet.

I honestly hadn't even really considered reviving the collection until I jokingly tried on a pair of animal print pumps a few months ago. They fit me perfectly and I suddenly was hit with a fantasy of myself prancing around New York about to do something terribly cool and exciting- you know really really hip- write about it in your blog hip- and I'm wearing Thierry Lasry sunglasses and I'm cloaked all in black... except for my pair of incredibly saturated heels.

I have a very vivid imagination.


Anonymous said...

The blue-black ones are killer! I actually love them all but those are killer!

cotton candy said...

lol. a very vivid imagination does no harm, especially when it concerns those shoes. hot hot.

Anonymous said...

i would gladly wear any of those!

Farren said...

yay! i'm kind of in the same predicament. but with a different story. i just didn't wear heels before. but recently i've been acquiring them at an alarming rate. and i've definitely fallen in love with heels. i veer between 4.5" platforms and flats! i love it. <3 so i am definitely saying YES YES YES to reviving your heel collection. =)

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

it is so fierce!!how cool it is!!