extremely poor taste

It's officially time for "celebrities" to stop designing clothing. The results are rarely any good and I find that to be rather sad. If I had millions of dollars and endless resources available to me, I'd like to think that I could pump out a decent product.

The latest celebrity to offend me is Aubrey O'Day and her line, Heart On My Sleeve. Not only are her designs uninspired, they're down right tacky. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, considering O'Day gained her "fame" as a part of Diddy's girl group, Danity Kane, and is notorious for her hot mess fashion faux pas. I know I've been wrong in the past- Lindsay's sold out leggings being the latest example- but I really hope that these clothes go unsold. And yet, I can already think of a few people who would love O'Day's raunch-a-wear.

wasn't she on America's Net Top Model? if so, this is sad.
hate is the new love? yikes. bad headbands + weird charms = big mess
just, no. absolutely not.
animal cruelty.
it says "bad boys make my panties drop"....

Someone please explain why any of the items above are being sold on the same page as baby clothes. Really weird, kind of extra creepy, baby clothes.

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Headache and Heart On My Sleeve.


Tay said...

all of this "fashion" warrants a definite HELL NO.
I dont think Jaslene knows how scary he belly looks....thats why she keeps showing it. Damn, she might even think its sexy! =/

Fashion Ivy said...

I vote no to this madness

CoutureCarrie said...

ugh I agree, this is terrible!! Stop the madness!

Anonymous said...

these are really bad.

KJ said...

can we all give a shout out to Jaslene...ANTM winner..atleast she got a gig

Amy Dunn said...

Very very entertaining- thank you!! You are so right!

Kate of All Trades said...

Oh my, I think that IS Jaslene. So sad. Thanks for posting these pictures. Had heard about this line and was morbidly curious...knew it was going to be bad. But its worse than I expected for sure!