his and hers

This season, optical illusions are for everyone!!

This trend has the potential to be incredibly flattering on every body type- a true rarity. I will, however, admit to initially being skeptical of Alexander McQueen's designs- particularly where the men were concerned but they've definitely started to grow on me. I can already see their influence making its way into mainstream fashion- especially graphic t-shirts, women's dresses, and accessories for both men and women (think leggings and ties).

Images courtesy of NY Mag.

These pink leggings by Three As Four are very reminiscent of the McQueen's bodysuits but are only for the very brave, extreme, "body confident" types, who love their thighs! These tights are less about keeping you covered and more about helping you stand out. If you're up for it, they are sure to get you a lot of attention. If you're like me and you feel a little too modest to prance around with these tights on- I'm sure it won't be long before American Apparel produces their own color block version.

Three As Four designs can be found at SEVEN New York.


Gillie said...

thank you very much!

i'm probably like you... too modest to wear them.
i do like that gold and black striped dress though.

Meanshots22 said...

i love all the mens clothes. i would wear all of them

karen said...

i LOVE this and colorblocking!!