hot or not: Christian Siriano

Christian V. Siriano's collection for Bluefly debuted today!* The latest Project Runway winner is selling six different looks with pieces ranging in price from $96 to the much more steep cost of $590. I can't say that any of the pieces shocked me because they all look reminiscent of designs we've seen from him before- which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's been lots of discussions around the web about his designs; haters are gonna hate and lovers are gonna love. I think I'm really digging the gold looks.

How do you feel about the clothes?

Behind the scenes video.

HOT or NOT ?

* Yes, apparently he's added the V. to his name.
Photos courtesy of Bluefly.


Anonymous said...

I'm lukewarm about this. The black dress with the sheer sleeves is nice and practical though.

Anonymous said...

+ love the jackets
- the weird zipper pants
- his overuse of the word fierce
-- his use of the word tranny; i thought he said he was going to stop that....


Tay said...

lukewarm is definitely right. Its not bad, but its not exciting either.

Meanshots22 said...

its not like its nothing we've never seen before.

Sharon said...

i think that his work is interesting ... and sometimes can be sexy but not his entire collection.
a designer who is has a similar look is Hannah Marshall but all of her stuff is wonderful!

Jillian said...


I agree, this collection reminds me a lot of Hannah Marshall's work. Probably because of the emphasis on the shoulders.

It's interesting to see how he tried to make his high fashion look more commercial. I'm definitely more impressed by his high fashion designs, I feel like he lost some of his spark here.