razzle dazzle

I know Tala just mentioned Peggy Noland yesterday in her post, "style watch: club chic", but reading an article about Noland today turned my terribly angsty afternoon into a hopeful evening.

So please indulge me as I rave!

Without ever having met her, Peggy Noland was everything that I aspired to be at one particular moment during my senior year of college. This Kansas City girl was rejected by the Peace Corp [word up kiddies: getting in with non-profits is harder than it looks, aiiight?] and so she counted it as a blessing and decided to pursue her love of all things stretchy and flashy by starting up a store- Peggy Noland Kansas City (PNKC). By some lucky lucky chance, her clothes were noticed then purchased by Kiana Alarid (Tilly and the Wall) and later Lovefoxx (CSS), giving her small operation some much needed/appreciated press. Check out the Nike commercial below- featuring Lovefoxxx wearing PNKC.

Like all good things in the fashion world, once a couple of people took note of it, PNKC continued to grow.

And collect a lot plenty of accolades along the way.

If I ever get the chance, I'd like to thank Peggy Noland for all that she's done for "small town" girls who dream of dream of making change in this world -while dressed in neon spandex, of course.

To check out her designs visit her website.