style watch: club chic

With the dominance of ladies like M.I.A, Kid Sister and Santogold in the music circuit, club chic has seen its revival. Lamé, leggings, neons, gold chains and miss-matching (just to name a few) are all the rage, channeling 80s club culture and a tinge of irony (holla to the hipsters). For those of you who would like to reject adulthood or, more eloquently put, avoid the conservative-i-wear-a-suit-because-i-have-to-adulthood, then this look is definitely one to grasp onto.

Here are some people/designers who take it to the next level- as both art form and lifestyle:

Cassette Playa (aka Carrie Mundane)

Neon color clashing and flashy prints are among some of this UK designer's signature repertoire. Mundane- one of the masterminds behind M.I.A's style, has been very well received as of late (she's designed some T-shirts foruniqlo) so be sure to check her out!

MadeMe Clothing
(aka Erin Magee)

Looking to an 80s era Madonna for inspiration, Erin Magee has created a funky, fun line that is edgy and feminine. She definitely pays respect to Madonna's club roots yet manages to modernize the look, creating a great new aesthetic. You can check her stuff out here.

Peggy Noland

This Kansas City based, former Religion Studies major never expected to break into the fashion scene with such force. What started out as a temporary foray into the wonderful world of fashion has quickly blossomed into a booming business, with hoards of faithful followers in tow. Noland's looks have graced everyone from the Amsterdam Club Kids to Lovefoxxx of CSS fame. You can check her out here.

Leslie Hall
(Leslie and the Lys)

This cewebrity definitely knows how to party right. The Iowa native has caused quite a stir with her catchy lyrics and fantabulous love of gem sweaters. I definitely recommend listening to (or better yet watching) How We Go Out and Blame the Booty.