rinse, reuse, recycle!

I saw this on the M.I.S.S. Crew blog and had to share it. Renewable Clothing by Fernano Brízio allows you to take a paint by numbers approach to fashion. His dresses are covered with tiny pockets that are just big enough for you to slide a felt-tip marker into. Using multicolored markers you become the designer and can create any pattern you want on the dress, all you have to do is uncap the makers and slide them into the pockets. Wait about an hour while the ink bleeds out and presto, you've got yourself a one of a kind dress. If you're unsatisfied with your design or are ready for a new one all you have to do is wash the dress and you're free to try again.

Brízio's clothing isn't renewable in the sense that it's made of hemp or the markers are made with soy based ink, at least not to my knowledge anyway, but it's a fun idea that allows you to get the most bang for your buck. I do, however, suspect that the pens that the dress comes with have a limited amount of ink and so there might be a finite amount of fun to be had playing around with designs. Also, from past experience, I can't imagine that you could wash out the ink very easily... but still, being able to design your own dress is pretty cool.

Photos courtesy of Design Boom.


tala said...

this is great!