shake it, shake it

Polaroid film was a childhood favorite because it was quick and simple and you didn't have to read any directions or take special classes to be considered good at it. I remember walking around with my Polaroid camera snapping pictures of the most ordinary objects in my house. The sink. Loose pencils. The lint trap. I took such pleasure out of seeing life recreated with just the shake of my hand. It made me feel like a real artist. Years later, when I purchased my first digital camera, I continued to take pictures of anything and everything but nothing compared to my Polaroids. With all other varieties of film, the ability to edit can distract from the simple joy of capturing a moment. You can get so self-conscious. All you need to be a Polaroid artist is an eye and some basic instinct.

In February, Polaroid announced that they would no longer make instant film. Pretty soon we will be living solely in an analog and digital world filled with filters and red eye reduction. That's why I'm excited about The Instant, an exhibition that features 12 artists who have worked with Polaroid film. The objective of the show is to mark the end of an era- the life and death of instant film. Here's what you can look forward to:

jean frederic bourdier

louise ingalls sturges

scott hammond

Photos courtesy of The Instant.


Anonymous said...

polaroid + buffalo = awesome!

Anonymous said...

super nice polaroids! I wish I could make. and i seccond the buff picture... might i add balloons as awesome as well?!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

thank you thank you for the nice shout out. we are very excited about the show, it opens tomorrow!! i hope you can make it, it's bound to be really fun.
also if you would like to contribute some kissing polaroids, we are keeping the call for entries open for the next show!