cuff 'em

TrueFalseAffair hooks us up once again, this time with coffee cuffs from Bentwood by Contexture Designs.

"Bentwood is a line of wooden jewelry and accessories made from reclaimed architectural veneer offcuts. Exotic wood scraps from local industry are formed, glued and shaped by hand in our Vancouver workshop."
I'm not going to lie, I had to stare at my computer screen for a few minutes before I finally understood what I was looking at. No, it's not complicated. I just really didn't get it. But after studying the handy diagram bellow, I have come to see the genius of this invention. Paper "coffee cuffs" are incredibly wasteful- sure they are often made out of recycled goods but you still toss them in the trash when you're done. Contexture Design is offering a much more sustainable solution.

If you have $68 CAD in your wallet, you can help to save the Earth and feel better about your coffee habit at the same time. It seems like a wise investment to me; Bird's Eye Maple is sure to do a better job of protecting your sensitive hands from extreme coffee heat than flimsy paper. And when people give you a hard time about your clever jewelery, just tell them Captain Planet stopped handing out rings in 1996, but if they're interested Contexture makes those too. If they continue to make fun of you then it's obvious that you're talking to people who hate mother earth.


Yadira said...

I'm actually totally into this! Buuuut I don't have that kinda monies. : (