easy as 1,2,3!

Wake up, sophista-funks! The heavens have heard us calling.

If you are anything like me, you probably have an insane love of fashion and can often be found lusting over fabrics and oogling haute designer looks. You might also frequently feel frustrated by the variety and quality of the goods available to you in mass consumer chains. These lack-luster items often tend to disappoint, and let's face it, no one really loves seeing 20 girls in the same H&M/Forever21 outfit in one day... If you've ever moaned or groaned about the lack of individuality present in the (mass) fashion industry, or boasted that, if given the opportunity, you could do it better, then Iris Ben David's brainchild, StyleShake, is just for you!

The London-based design phenomenon is the first of it's kind, especially at this scale. The purpose is simple; StyleShake serves as an easy, hands on medium that enables the every day consumer to design their own custom clothing on the internet! The website gives its users the opportunity to act as designer- a deliciously tempting offer, with (almost) endless opportunities. And the best part about it is how simple it is! Here are a few dress designs I found while browsing the website gallery.

I definitely recommend taking a look at the site and playing around with the design studio. All you have to do is select a fabric and go through a series of steps which entail making choices about the neckline, bodice, skirt, sleeves, trimmings etc. You can also play around with the different colors available in the fabric family you've selected (as far as I understand, there's no option to mix fabrics). If all else fails, its a great way to be creative while you procrastinate.

Also, you can rest assured that all your fabulous designs will be manufactured in the U.K. and that StyleShake sources their fabrics from reputable companies.

So get on that DIY fashionista grind! And send us pictures!


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way cool