first two photos by me, crudely, but with love! others stolen from fbk!

My friends are an extremely talented group of people – there is absolutely no denying it. Time and time again, I am awed by their fierce expressions of creativity. Intisar Abioto is one of the best examples of this. I can’t even begin to label what it is that she does. Intisar [just] is. She has the heart of an adventurer and I am always thankful to be a part of her journey. Last week, we were finally able to connect in my “hometown” of D.C. and it was glorious. I’m not exaggerating. Never in my life have I met another soul like hers! It is one that is so willing to share its joys with others without expecting much in return, a rare but beautiful quality for a person to have.

Intisar and her sisters have set out on an amazing quest – The People Could Fly Project – inspired by Virginia Hamilton’s masterpiece, The People Could Fly.

5 sisters travel the world finding power and possibility in the stories, dreams, and lives of people-through a mYth foLktaLe rEAliTY about Africans who fly.

We are extraordinary people doing both regular and extraordinary things. Thus the journey, a process in action.

Along their journey, Intisar has shared her gift of photography with us on their blog and now it can also be viewed on her new website. Her photos, like her person, elicit strong emotions of love and hope. She captures the essence of life and its stories –reality/myth/folktale- and translates them into something that is easily and eagerly consumed by not only the eye but the spirit as well.

And if that sounds corny to you, then I’m sorry that you’ve clearly never met Intisar. I know I’m speaking the truth about her and her work.

This girl does big and wondrous things.

* Intisar Abioto Photography