something to try

i'm and arts and crafts fanatic and that's why i'm excited to try out this cool necklace idea i saw on smaggle style. Its a great way to recycle old tights and make something new and interesting with them. you can definitely embellish them more than is shown here, maybe a few more charms, a thicker chain and accents of a different color tights or even ribbon... the possibilities are endless!

Here's the complete set of directions, courtesy of Lady Smaggle, herself.

I just cut the legs off the body of the tights and cut the toes off.

Then I cut each leg open and cut them into strips, roughly 1cm wide.

Then I tied each end to an earring finding making sure that each layer was longer than the last. This sometimes meant tying two lengths together and trying it on to check that it was falling correctly.

Then I tied shorter pieces of stocking at irregular intervals along my strands. I also bought a DIY stud kit and put studs all along the strands and ties. I sewed a few silver charms on it too.

Then I added a clasp and chain so I could wear it at different lengths. If you’re going to make this yourself I suggest that you wear it often through out the process of making it so you can gauge the shape and length of it. The total cost of the piece was $1.50. The tights, earring findings and chain were all junk that was lying around my house and the stud kit cost $1.50 from a discount store. Even if I had to buy the findings and chain it wouldn’t have cost more than a couple of dollars.


Anonymous said...

OOOH! I saw this on suzie bubble's blog! I'm glad to see someone else try it out. I was thinking of doing it but I am always wanting to do d.i.y.s and then being too lazy to carry it through. Haha.

Tala said...

haha. i feel you on that. its hard to find time to do all the projects we see and like!