Costume Dept.

If you're still buying your tights at American Apparel like every other hipster, consider this your official warning: it's time for an upgrade. Costume Dept. leggings are ridiculously fly and if you act now, you might be the first on your block to strut these designs. Wait a little while longer and everyone you know is going to own a pair. Trust me. And before you tell me about how American Apparel is sweatshop free, you can take comfort in knowing that Costume Dept. leggings are eco-friendly. Most are made with dead stock fabric, which means less production and the added bonus of knowing that there are only a limited number of these designs walking the streets.

My personal favorite is Yellow Fever but I'm sure you've seen the equally delicious, Kenya Chic in a slew of editorials. Most recently, I spotted them in a Shopbop newsletter and was then disappointed when I realized they were just drawing customers in with Costume Dept.'s hot *ish but not actually selling the leggings. Fret not friends, you can buy these pretty little things straight from the source... until they sell out.

Don't forget, Tala told you weeks ago that Club Chic is still going strong. The easiest way to achieve that look is with glitzy leggings, ya heard?


Meanshots22 said...

im totally with you. i love the yellow fever, the leapord,and the purple metallic.

Lana said...

Oeh thanks for the share! Gonna take a peek at their site right now.

LaCouturier said...

thanks@ i've just added you too.