Bye Bye Blass

I'm SO sad to see you go.

The news that legendary American design house, Bill Blass Couture will be closing is so utterly depressing. Known for his impeccably tailored garments and richly luxurious textiles, Blass hit the scene as a force to be reckoned with back in the 70s, oozing style and sophistication into the realm of American sportswear. Since then, the design house has produced and endless number of timeless classics- and was one of the major players in bringing worldwide respect to the talents of existing and burgeoning U.S. designers.
In its more recent history, Bill Blass Couture served as a maison that really payed homage to its roots. Under the creative direction of Peter Som, the company flourished, creating beautiful, charming, and wonderfully wearable garments that embraced the rules of modernity and contemporary clothing while still championing the vintage glamor of yore. In short, it was one of those few design houses than never seemed to dissappoint.

Whether or not you are a tried and true "Blass woman," there is just something about his clothing that appeals to your sensibilities. Its hard not to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship, the beautiful tailoring, the clean lines or the feminine, lady-like silhouettes. I had high hopes for the future of the line, especially with Som at its helm, so it's with much sadness that I say goodbye to this truly legendary design house. I can only hope that someone with some insight swoops it up and relaunches it- because it's truly a shame to let it die.


Anonymous said...

This makes me sad - such beautiful works of art.